Christina Langer

Economics Ph.D. Candidate

I am interested in applied microeconomics, economics of education, and labor economics with a focus on future of work research.


Skills-Based Hiring is on the Rise (with Joseph Fuller and Matt Sigelman), Harvard Business Review (online). Download

Work in Progress

The Value of Skills: New Evidence From Apprenticeship Plans (with Simon Wiederhold)

The Covid-19 Shock and the Future of Working From Home: Evidence from Job Vacancy Postings in Germany (with Jean-Victor Alipour and Layla O'Kane)

Book Chapters

Alipour J.V., Langer. C, and O'Kane L. (2022). Zur Zukunft des Homeoffice. In B. Wawrzyniak & M. Herter (ed.), Neue Dimensionen in Data Science (p. 227-242). Wichmann Fachmedien Berlin - Offenbach.